Comcept Reveal Mighty No. 9 Boss Design in Kickstarter Update


In their most recent update, the small team at Comcept have revealed the final design for Mighty No. 4, a boss in the upcoming Megaman reboot, Mighty No. 9. In the post, the game’s director, Koji Imaeda, and the lead character designer, Kimo Kimo, walk us through the process of creating the menacing robot you see above. The duo goes through early sketches, inspirations, and even reveal constructive criticism from the “big boss” himself, Kenji Inafune.

No update on the game’s development state or release date were given, but the post finished by stating the Mighty Showcase fan-art section was opening that day, encouraging fans to “share designs of their own.”

What do you guy’s think of Mighty No. 4’s design? Do you like him more now, or did his earlier designs sit better with you? Let us know in the comments below.