‘Dark Souls 2’ 1.03 update announced, will fix speed and various other issues


It looks like Dark Souls 2 (reviewed here) is getting a new update.

According to the official Japanese website, 1.03 does not have a set release date, but will improve various bugs as outlined in the translated patch notes below (thanks to Redditor FarneseVandimion for the translation!)


  • To change the specifications to be able to revive as a live person when the success of the cooperative play “white sign agalmatolite” and using the “small white sign pyrophyllite”
  • At Ojo Dolan Greig, the problem was fixed that the progress is impossible gates without opening
  • Online multiplayer, after a failed matching, correction of phenomenon that can not be used online items such as white sign pyrophyllite
  • Online multiplayer, when you start the battle with the knight of mirror to summon in other players, bug fixes fail to summon the client
  • Online multiplayer, modification of phenomenon that error code from being displayed not start normally in Shigo of non-execution chamber
  • Online multiplayer, modification of phenomenon that would take off the ring of each pledge and before going to the other world after matching
  • Modification of the phenomenon that item being left to stand for once can not be obtained, would have been displayed “Inventory is full” and
  • Corrected in the sinus of the gap, so as to display a dialog when entering the coffin where you can change the gender
  • Bug fixes that illusion, blood stains, the message does not appear in some area
  • Bug fixes or item object which is installed from being reset to the initial state
  • Improvement of display response in Character Making
  • Modification of the phenomenon of tattoo set angle set by the Character Making from being changed
  • Improved display speed of the Start menu, the bonfire menu
  • In the round of the second round or later, a particular item modification of phenomenon that are not line up to shop
  • Modification of the phenomenon that buried under the ground in the tower of the soil, when it is summoned by the wall in front of the main room of the area
  • A problem was fixed that when you died equipped with a ring of the basket of life, lose soul
  • Modification of the phenomenon of those players face in the dialog of summoning sign is different from being displayed
  • Modification of the icon image of the “guardian of the fort” trophy
  • When the guard occurs, is modified to vibrate the controller
  • Partially modified the text of equipment Help menu of “capacity correction value darkness”
    affect (Error) on the ability of the higher
    to affect the ability (positive) lower
  • Modification of the phenomenon would fall by slipping in the elevator on the rise, when you use the spell in the state that except for the binoculars


Praise the sun! And praise the developers for fixing bugs!

(Source: From Software, Reddit)