David Hayter Will Not Be Playing Through MGS V


In an interview with Gamer Magazine, David Hayter has expressed his disappointment in not being able to reprise his 15-year-old role as Solid Snake. His disappointment is to the point where he stated he won’t be playing the game at all. When asked if he’ll miss playing the iconic character and if he’d be playing the game, he responded with:

Yeah, very much. [And] no. Why? Because it’s too disturbing for me to hear somebody else doing the voice of a character that I played for 15 years. It’s just – I don’t think I would enjoy that.

Of course, anyone who’s played the voice of a character for 15 years would miss it; that’s without question. However, long time fans of the series share his sentiment that, knowing the voice behind Solid Snake isn’t David Hayter, it won’t be the same.