Deep Down Resurfaces, Beta Test Info Incoming


Capcom’s Deep Down, the Dark Souls-esque dungeon crawler the company revealed during Sony’s PS4 Debut presentation last year, has been flying pretty… well, deep down  under the radar as of late. This being most notably to the point where it got an almost non-existent amount of fanfare at this years E3 conference a couple of weeks back. It looks like that’s soon about to change, however, as the producer, Kazunori Sugiura, took to the game’s Japanese twitter page to both apologize to anxious fans about the lack of info on the game and provide a quick update, saying:


Producer Sugiura here. Details on the public beta test are likely to come in July. There’s no excuse, as everyone was looking forward to the information. Rather than development circumstances, we’re discussing with the higher ups the policies for the beta test.

As an apology, I’m attaching a screenshot of the game in development. It’s a dungeon themed after the emotion of “Anger.” I will report again in July.


No word yet on a North American release for the game, but since the trailer from E3 featured English dialogue, I can only assume it’s bound to happen at some point. The new screenshot of the game in question is featured below, as well as the trailer from this year’s E3.