Defective PlayStation 4’s in the Wild




It’s Nov 14th and the PlayStation 4 releases tonight at midnight for the gaming public (wait for the applause to die down).  If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you may be a little uneasy about the whole thing since several reports have surfaced about faulty PlayStation 4’s.

IGN reported that they had an issue with their console which was initially working.  The light glows white when the system is on but flashes blue if there’s an error.  The console stopped working after they updated the system to version 1.50.  After replacing cables, TVs, outlets, anything and everything, IGN was still at a blank screen.

Another (un)lucky gamer received the console early as part of the “Play the Future First” sweepstakes.  ill1cit_28 (user on reddit) received his grand prize console only to be disappointed when it didn’t work.  When he turned the console on, it pulsed a blue light where it should have be glowing white.  After calling PlayStation support, Arogon received more woes as he was told he could not receive help until tomorrow (the official launch date).

Finally, Kotaku reported that their system was also faulty.  Apparently the HDMI jack for one of their five consoles did not properly fit an HDMI cable and thus an output for the video could not be established.  Again this was only one of the consoles they obtained.

Shuhei Yoshida of Sony released this tweet regarding the news of faulty consoles,

“Be assured we are investigating reported PS4 issues. The number is very small compared to shipped, we believe they are isolated incidents.”

In this reporter’s humble opinion, we’ll just have to wait and see how these numbers stack up tomorrow, when millions of gamers turn their consoles on.