All of Denmark Made into Minecraft Map


Minecraft has always been a favored game among gamers and for good reasons too. You can create an entire world by scratch and design it however you like (hopefully without a creeper disaster). Sometimes the worlds are completely made up by the user, sometimes they’re based off of the user’s own home, and sometimes an entire country is made into a map. Wait, what?

Yes, it seems that Denmark’s government, specifically the ministry of environment, has translated their entire country into Minecraft, making it the first country ever to be made into a Minecraft map. They encourage their citizens to join the game and play around with it as much as they like. The map is based off of their geographical data, including users’ own residential areas.

The Danish government is putting it out there for their citizens to enjoy on their own time or, which seems a bit more important, for use in the classroom. They’re hoping the free data Denmark map will aid in the teaching of mathematics, Danish geography and culture, and geographical and environmental education. The Danish are not the first to use Minecraft for education, it seems that Finland, Sweden, and even America have put their trust in something called MinecraftEdu.

Maybe a complete map of the United States will be translated into the Minecraft game sometime in the future, I’d sure like to make my house into a castle.