Désilets Going UbiHard on Ubisoft


Désilets Going UbiHard on Ubisoft

After being fired in May, Patrice Désilets will be taking legal action against Ubisoft as his termination was allegedly “without cause”. He is hoping to get payment for damages, unpaid salary, expenses and total ownership of 1666, a game Désilets was making with THQ Montreal before Ubisoft bought them out (having gone bankrupt).


Désilets and Ubisoft executives couldn’t reach an agreement over 1666. When Désilets wasn’t negotiating with Ubisoft’s new terms and agreements, he was then fired. The Assassin’s Creed creator and developer is clamoring that these demands be met by Ubisoft:

-          Total ownership of 1666

-          Salary payments from May 7th (the day he was fired)

-          One year’s salary

-          $25,000 for job searching and relocating

-          $5,000 for legal fees this case will cost him

-          $100,000 for “moral damages” for impacting Désilets’ reputation


I feel as if Désilets’ demands are a bit too extreme. He should prioritize his negotiations on 1666, seeing as this is what the whole dispute is about. Although I think these demands are outrageous, especially the “moral damages” fee, if I received this much for getting fired from a job I would be an extremely happy chap.

However, Ubisoft is claiming that Désilets didn’t create a prototype of 1666 on time, which violated his contract. Désilets obviously disagrees with Ubisoft so it seems that this matter will be settled in court. Désilets may only get his intellectual property back if Ubisoft cancels it, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Sadly, it’s quite likely we’ll never get to see what 1666 would’ve been like, especially after this dispute.