Details on the Newest PS Vita Update, 3.10


A system update for the PS Vita has gone live, and the PlayStation Blog has released details about what the update will give users of the handheld.


Vita users will now be able to record voice messages, which will not only be able to be sent to Vita users, but to PlayStation 4 users as well.

Parental Controls

The update contains enhancements to the Vita’s parental controls. Users can now restrict access to the PlayStation Store, as well as guides based on age in order to best find the restriction level best suited toward a user’s desired parental controls.


A new app also comes with the update. The Calendar app, which can be synced to your Google Calendar, can be used to create events that can be shared through the Messages and Email apps.

The update also allows users to manage their content found on their memory cards, as well as other tweaks to existing apps.

The list of changes include (via PlayStation Blog):

Music – You will now be able to search for content saved on a connected device such as a PC.

Video – You’ll be able to now sort content by size.


Rotate Screen Automatically has been added to Photos to control tilt sensor for rotation of images.

Freeform has been added to the Panoramic mode selection list.


Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically has been added.

30 minutes has been added in Enter Standby Mode Automatically.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)