DICE Shares More Details About Mirror’s Edge 2


DICE made it clear during EA’s press conference at E3 today that Mirror’s Edge 2  is all about Faith.

The first Mirror’s Edge  released in 2008 and was about Faith Connors trying to save her sister Kate from a corrupt government. EA says the second game will be about how Faith became Faith.

DICE also said they are working with parkour artists to make Faith’s moves more fluid and realistic. Levels won’t be as linear as they were in the first game. DICE has also said they are improving upon the combat from the first game.

Visually Mirror’s Edge 2  looks similar to the first game, but the first game’s art style was one of its biggest draws. Its minimalistic color scheme made it easy for players to determine where to go next in a level.

No release date for Mirror’s Edge 2  has been set yet, but it will launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: EA’s E3 conference