Doctor Who Star Lends Voice to Kinect Sports Rivals


Kinect Sports Rivals
Through a post on the Xbox Wire, it has been confirmed that David Tennant will voice the narrator of the upcoming Kinect Sports Rivals .

Tennant, best known for his roles as the tenth Doctor of the Doctor Who series as well as Barty Crouch, Jr. from the Harry Potter films, will lend his voice in order to guide the player through the character creation process. Kinect Sports Rivals will be Tennant’s video game debut.

“I’ve never done a video game before. This is a first for me,” says Tennant. “Rock Climbing looks good. I quite like the slightly unsportsmanlike element where you can grab a rival’s foot and chuck him off the cliff.”

Kinect Sports Rivals will be released exclusively on Xbox One on April 8th.

(Source:Xbox Wire)