Don’t Swear At Your Xbox One Or You’ll Be Temporarily Banned


Quite a few people have been reporting that they have been banned due to the use of foul language during private Skype calls or uploading a video with the user being recorded swearing. Twitter user getb3nt was using his Xbox One to Skype with a friend and, during the conversation, he swore, and was presented with the following message:

Swearing during his private conversation on Skype seems to have caused this as the Kinect detected foul language and placed a 24 hour ban on his account. In the conversation, someone stated that they thought they were wrong when they suspected the Kinect censored swear words.



Another report of the same thing comes from the Xbox support forum where user rbevanx stated that he received the same ban for reasons unknown (he claims to have only said two extremely mild swear words) in a video he uploaded to Xbox Live. No warnings were given, no strikes, just an immediate 24 hour ban.

Calling Microsoft Support was little to no help considering the representatives were unaware that this was even happening. Giving no fair warning, it’s no surprise these users are upset by this.