Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Trailer Revealed


Today, Bioware released the gameplay trailer for the newest addition to the Dragon Age franchise; Dragon Age: Inquisition. The trailer featured the main character, known as “The Inquisitor”, and the various demons and people he or she encounters.

The premise of the story is pretty simple, almost similar to Dragon Age: Origins, The Inquisitor finds himself/herself as the only survivor of a mysterious battle on land, coming forth from “The Fade”, a metaphysical realm where all kinds of beasts reside. The Inquisitor is the apparent hero needed to stop the world from being devoured by demons and something called “The Breach”. The many demons that spill forth from “The Rift” mean to take over the world of Dragon Age.

The enemies varied from demons, to large spiders, and even a dragon; the new demons seem to be much larger and more formidable than any darkspawn previously encountered. The landscapes varied as well, with battles and cutscenes taking place in meadows, wintry mountains, blustering deserts, dark caves, abandoned elven ruins, and even the Grey Warden stronghold. Signaling that Dragon Age: Inquisition is much more expansive than previous games.

The newest addition to the Dragon Age lore certainly looks impressive; stronger enemies, cooler terrain, and amazing graphics. Before I spoil anything good, check out the trailer and don’t forget to pick up your very own copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition October 7th, 2014.