PS4’s DRIVECLUB delayed to 2014


The PS4 launch racer, DRIVECLUB, has been delayed to early 2014. Posted on Playstation Blog, SCE President Shuhei Yoshida acknowledges the disappointment that comes with the decision, and how it effects the first set of offers for PS4’s Instant Game Collection.

DRIVECLUB was originally slated to be released as a free title for anyone that signed up for Playstation Plus on the PS4. As a continuation of the PS3’s service, PS Plus players receive discounts and free titles monthly, and keep the free games until they cancel their subscription. The PS4 requires PS Plus for online multiplayer, thus providing the perfect way to get the much touted social features of DRIVECLUB into people’s hands.

Sony’s replacement is Contrast, an experimental platformer that sees players running and jumping through shadows and posters in a noir themed world. Along with that, players will be able to try out Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer on December 28th and 29th.

This news comes on the heels of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, another recently delayed launch title that was meant to be paired with the PS4.