E3 Document Leaked: Shows Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Plans


As we get ready to watch the annual E3 coverage this year we tend to predict what Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will reveal and show this year. Well, this year, it came early as the line up for each company has been leaked online. It shows games like Uncharted 4, as well as Nintendo with a new Zelda game titled ZeldaShard of Nightmare.

Here is the list of everything that you will possibly be seeing at this years 2014 E3 coming up on June 10th – June 12th:


We will being seeing some amazing titles with gameplay, trailers, and demos on the floor this year and every game on this list catches my eye. I for one hope to see the reveal for Dishonored II and possibly Resident Evil 7I am also super excited to see some footage for God of War 4 and of course Uncharted 4 while most people, myself included, are very excited to see gameplay for the new Super Smash Bros.


The Sony exclusive, Uncharted, has finally been named The Sunken Blade. What do you guys think of that? Does that point towards an Atlantic theme for the game or could it be something else entirely? What are you most looking forward to at this years E3? What do you hope to see that may not be on this list? Let us know what all think of each company and their 2014 E3 lineup in the comments below.

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