EA saves Battlefield titles amidst GameSpy closure


Mark this day in your calendars ladies and gentleman, because on 31 May 2014, GameSpy will cease to exist. GameSpy, for those of you who may be unaware, was a company which offered servers for online functionality for games.

Somewhat of a legendary name to those who knew the company and what it stood for, GameSpy has been the online backbone for hundreds of publishers and developers across the globe, providing the means to play with (or against) your friends on the internet.

When the news was revealed earlier this month, it begged the question “how will I continue to play my game online?” and, unfortunately, the worst answer possible was given, “it’s simple… you won’t”. But then along came the hero of the day: EA. They have gone on record to state that they will be saving Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from the clutches of a matchmaking meltdown.

The news was revealed on Twitter where one “aspiring video game developer” Tofu Games tweeted to @OriginInsider about whether the Battlefield titles will be receiving any patches or fixes. They responded by saying that a transition is in the works.

Other companies to join the EA game-saving bandwagon include Activision and Capcom. Surprisingly however, publishing giant Nintendo have already stated that they will not be rescuing any games that use GameSpy’s online infrastructure and 2K Games are moving slower than a snail in telling their customers what they plan to do with games like Borderlands. Let’s hope the good news is for everyone, eh!