EBayer Selling Xbox One for Way Below Cost…Or Are They?


Of course this will probably be gone by the time this is published (keep reading), but one Ebayer either has no desire to keep their brand-new Xbox One, or they’re in some dire need of money. Seller iknowthetruelv doesn’t seem like a scammer, either, with 165 instances of feedback, all at 100%. So why hasn’t this $380 Xbox One sold yet?

Oh well, let’s go ahead and purchase this lovely de—WAIT A SECOND. Cheap Xbox? Check. A lot of good seller/buyer reviews? Check. 100% approval rating? Check. Cheap shipping? Che….WOAH$199 for shipping??? Yup. Almost got us as well. So be careful before committing to this little Ebay seller trick-of-the-trade. If you hit “Buy it Now”, be ready to shell out $578.

Anyone up for an amazing last minute Xbox One deal? I thought not.