Enemies In Metal Gear Solid 5 Are “Too Unpredictable”


A series of tweets by Hideo Kojima reveals that the enemies in Ground Zeroes, the prequel to Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, are too unpredictable. He states he cannot pre-plan the demonstration for Tokyo Game Show because the enemies always react differently.

If you’re going to see the demo at the stage event, I may have to stop [before the end of the presentation] because of mistakes. Oh my, the demo for the stage event is 100% more difficult. The behavior of the enemy is different every time, I can’t help it because I cannot predict it. I found out while playing that it’s not possible to pre-plan the presentation. If it was our own booth, extending the time would be possible on a case-by-case basis, but this time it’s not.

This is quite an interesting revelation, especially coming from the director himself. The unpredictability proves the game might have a high replay value as each playthrough will be a slightly different experience than the last. Adapting on the fly will seem to be an asset if even Kojima himself won’t be able to present a flawless demonstration.

A few people had complained that the enemies were too predictable in previous games. It seems this time around, that definitely won’t be a complaint. Let’s just hope that the enemies aren’t unpredictable to the point of frustration.