EVE Online Developers Are Building a Statue


The developers of EVE Online recently erected an in-game monument to commemorate the massive losses that occurred in a recent, terrible war. Now, they’re planning on building a real-life monument to commemorate the success that EVE has become, and to remember everything that has ever happened in game.

Planned to stand at five meters tall, the monument will contain the names of everyone that is currently paying a subscription to enjoy the EVE universe. Along with this, they’ll also be burying a laptop beneath it that’ll be filled with videos, messages and information about what EVE online is, acting as a sort of electronic time capsule.


An EVE in-game monument.

Set to be unveiled to fans on April 30th, the sculpture has been cleverly designed by artist Sigurður Guðmundsson, and will hopefully reflect EVE‘s battle between technology and player interaction.

Source: (PC Gamer)