EVE: Valkyrie – Exclusive to the Oculus Rift


You’ve almost certainly heard of Oculus VR by now. The company that’s leading the way forward with virtual reality took once again to the stage today, announcing that EVE: Valkyrie will be the first exclusive game for the Oculus Rift. However, with a release date for the Oculus Rift still firmly under wraps, it could be a while before we get to strap a screen to our faces.

Along with this rather large announcement, Oculus VR also took the time to announce that they’re currently recruiting talented 3D artists, animators, and gameplay engineers to join the world-renowned Oculus team and help to develop some more “VR Content”.

With that information, I’m confident in saying that I don’t think this is the last time we’ll hear of a Oculus Exclusive game.

Source: (PC Gamer)