Famousmortimer Contacted by More Devs Having Issues with the Xbox One OS


The controversy surrounding the Xbox One is now reaching searing proportions. Whether good, bad, rumor, or stated fact, things are not looking good for MS’s gaming cash-cow as the release nears. PR mishaps, retracted statements, bad clarification, and smoke and mirrors are becoming the norm from the shot-callers. Gamers everywhere, whether in the Xbox or PlayStation camps, are demanding better information about the consoles, so that they can make a clear-cut decision on what to purchase.

But unfortunately, we’ve heard enough dev feedback now to think that there is something legitimately awry with the OS on the console. MS is now deeply mired in, at best, a failure to damage control and an inability to release correct and factual information without the fog, and at worst, trying to spread misinformation to the masses. We’ll keep an eye out on the developments as they come along.

But now new information coming out from famousmortimer points to even more devs having issues developing for the Xbox One platform, or the ones that have at least contacted mortimer: