Fans Irate at Not Being Able to Try Xbox One UI


Some really interesting pieces of news have been coming out as of late. Most recently, with the apparent bombshell of OS and Xbox Live issues, that came in via Dodd Scientifics, Phil Spencer has been receiving some pretty interesting feedback from fans who have attended the Xbox One Tour.


It seems like the attendants did not want the guests to just go into the Xbox One UI to mess around, possibly because that part of the functionality of the Xbox One is not ready to be fully revealed to the general public. Some speculation becoming popular is the that the UI and other functionality is still being worked on to address current/previously existing issues, and the last thing MS needs is for the wrongs hands to get into the system. The below statement on Twitter by rep Albert Penello aren’t helping Microsoft’s case either:

Whichever way it works out, it would be bad PR for Microsoft. (Personally, I’d say to the attendees to only play and do what they are allowed to). Microsoft will open up the UI either on launch, or at some other media event when it’s ready to be shown. Have some patience, fellow gamers!