First Ever PayPal Gaming Sale Features PixelJunk Bundle, ‘Don’t Starve’


PayPal is probably the last company I was expecting to start selling games for cheap, but with deals like these, it’s tough to complain. By using Paypal to as your payment method, you’ll be able to score deals on a number of gaming goods like the PixelJunk Bundle, Don’t Starve and its early access DLC, Xbox Live Gold cards, Razr Mouse Pads, and much, much more.


Don’t see anything you like? No worries: PayPal will be refreshing this sale every Thursday between 20th March, 2014 – 15th May, 2014 with new deals, so be sure to check back often.

It’s amazing how many great gaming deals we’re offered every day. Between Steam, Humble Store, GOG, Amazon, and now PayPal, I’m going to be drowning in an insurmountable backlog. Can’t wait!

Source: PayPal