Flappy Bird Gets a Makeover by eBattalion



As you may now, Flappy Bird  is a hit; challenging people with the prospect of pushing a singular button to achieve height, in order to pass obstacles, and defeat the constantly moving level.

Now, eBattalion has launched their own version of Flappy Bird, but with poop, and Mario’s that laugh at your inevitable failure. Originally called “Flappy Birdies”, it has now been dubbed “Poopy Birdies“, How Quaint.


Aside from the usual flapping, and hitting things, you also get a feature of (as I have been mentioning) floating piles of poop which you can “absorb” in order to give yourself “ammunition” (wink wink) to take out those pesky Mario’s that are running around the level… By pooping on them…

Other features include Yoshi’s Island inspired artwork, competing against your friends high scores, funny extras and plenty of bronze, silver, gold, and platinum medals to be won. (In the game of course)

Only releasing for iOS thus far, Apple’s mobile gaming just got a lot sh*ttier. Pun intended.

Oh, did I mention that it’s free? I guess not, well, now I have. I’m sorry Flappy Bird, but your poopy brother just knows more about me. Being a plumber myself and all.