Free DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall


One of the most anticipated PlayStation 4 release titles, Killzone: Shadow Fall, had some interesting news today. During a presentation for Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer, which occurred behind closed doors, Guerrilla Games announced that they already have “extensive plans” to support their game after release. Once the game has launched, Guerrilla Games will release new maps, which will be available to everybody for free. That’s right, for free. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the Gamescom trailer of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will initially have 10 multiplayer maps in total, before any DLC. It’s unsure when the multiplayer ‘map packs’ will be downloadable and when they’ll release. Guerrilla Games has previously said they had part of their team working on DLC for Shadow Fall, so it’s likely that DLC may be released soon after the game’s release. However, at this stage, this is all just speculation, as there hasn’t been an official announcement from Guerrilla Games, or Sony for that matter.