Fresh Titanfall Information to be Released Very Soon


Abbie Heppe, the Community Manager over at Respawn games, has said that there are still many more as of yet, unrevealed surprises that are in store for Titanfall fans. Apparently, we haven’t seen all the information out there for the game. So what are we missing?

Well, for one, we’re still somewhat uninformed about the overall story in the game. We don’t know much about what the AI in the game will be doing during these frenetic battles, the overall AI count, or whether these AI’s will be able to call in Titans of their own.

What about the final map count? Still no word on those yet (please don’t ship with less than 10 maps…).

Final gametypes and names? Nothing yet.

PC requirements? Still waiting.

What about a horde-type mode? Very possible, and Respawn might be holding that information back just so they can get us even more pumped up about the game before launch. A horde mode would do much to make the game much more meatier, especially considering that Titanfall is a multiplayer-only game.

So what else is out there that we haven’t seen or heard about in the game? Let us know your predictions in the comments below.