Friends, Favorites, Followers, And Multiplayer On Xbox One Explained


Two videos have been released today giving an in-depth explanation of how the friends, favorites and followers function and how the multiplayer has been improved for Xbox One. The first video, pertaining to the friends, favorites and followers touches base on what can be found on the friends list.

Friends work as they always have; allowing you to see which friends are online and what they are doing. The favorites option allows for you to put whoever you want in your favorites list so that you won’t have to sift through your friends list if you want to send them a message or just see what they are up to. The followers more or less works how it does on Twitter, for instance. The user is notified when someone starts following them and they can choose to follow back or leave it be. For those who don’t want random people following them, there is a privacy setting to block your profile. They also show off the snap feature in the video as well.

The second video touches base on the multiplayer. They explain that the Xbox One features dedicated servers in the cloud for smoother gameplay and matchmaking, and also to reduce hosts from cheating. Gone are the days of a player becoming the dedicated host of a match. They also touch base on the smart match, which allows you to search for a match while doing something else.

The reputation system is brought up as well. Smart match and the reputation system work together because players are matched with people of the same reputation as them via smart match; if your reputation starts to decrease, smart match will then begin to pit you against other players of a negative reputation. Also mentioned was the improvement of game saves; “you’ll never have to worry about roaming [your] game saves or where they’re stored. It’s all taken care of for you on Xbox One.” A lot more was discussed aside from multiplayer in the video but those were the main multiplayer points.