Team Ferrara Showcases Fru Gameplay


In 48 hours, an indie developer, Team Ferrara, came up with a way to use the Kinect which will blow you away.  It was developed at the Global Game Jam this year and ended up winning both the Audience’s and Judges’ award. The theme of the jam was, “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are”. The development team jokes that they took this theme “very literally” and came up with Fru.

In Fru, you must solve a series of puzzling platforms in order to reach a door. There’s no feasible way to get to the door unless you stand in front of the Kinect. By doing so, you’ll unveil a second world which lies behind the given world. Your silhouette acts as a window to the second world, revealing platforms needed to complete levels and move forward.


While this sounds amazing and awesome, and you can’t wait to play it on your Xbox One or 360, Fru is currently only playable on PC with an Xbox 360 controller and a Kinect. Team Ferrara states, “The game is on PC, but (we) have plans to make it a “next-gen” title. We are currently deciding on what our options are.” Here’s to hoping Fru makes its way into your living room in the near future.