FTL: Advance Edition Coming to iPad, Free Expansion for PC Version


FTL: Faster Than Light, the hugely popular indie title from Subset Games, will be releasing on iPad tomorrow, April 3. The iPad version will be the definitive Advance Edition of the game which includes several updates and additions. PC players will also be getting the Advance Edition expansion which will be offered as a free update on the same date.

The iPad version will include all of the features of the original PC release with new, fully-optimized, touch screen controls. Those who buy both the iPad and PC versions will not be able to transfer save data between the two. The game is also only available in English and can only be played on iPad version 2 and later models.

For those enjoying the PC version already, the Advance Edition expansion will bring 10 new playable ship layouts, 4 new systems & subsystems that change gameplay, tons of new weapons, drones, and ship augmentations, new music, new events, a new playable race called the Lanius, and a massive amount of other gameplay tweaks and polish.

FTL: Faster Than Light: Advanced Edition will be available to iPad and PC users tomorrow, April 3. The full iPad game will cost $10 USD, while the expansion will be free on PC.