Fullscreen Acquires ScrewAttack for Growth Potential


ScrewAttack has made a whole new network, now that it has paired itself with Fullscreen, “a media company powering the creation and sharing of video with the connected generation.” With Fullscreen lending a massive 750MM monthly views, ScrewAttack can do nothing but flourish.

To make things clearer, ScrewAttack is a game-focused media company, since 2006 they have provided news, media, and review coverage to the masses. Fullscreen, on the other hand, has headquarters in Los Angeles, and have brought leading tech and a whopping 365 Million subscribers in their community to the front of gaming’s beaten and bloody face.


“Our mission has always been to produce and feature the most entertaining game content in the world, whether it be video game news, trailers, gameplay, or original content,” Craig Skistimas, Founder of ScrewAttack says, “Together with Fullscreen, we can amplify our efforts and interact with an even larger part of the video game community to feature content that excites, pleases and entertains.”

Sattack“With over 850K subscribers on YouTube and a passionate and loyal fan base on their website, we are excited to increase our investment in premium, original programming on ScrewAttack alongside their existing franchises like Death Battle.” said Larry Shapiro, Fullscreen’s Head of Talent.  “The only way to get credibility with gamers is by truly understanding the art form of games, which is something that can’t be faked. ScrewAttack isn’t just another gaming site or channel, it’s a group of people who are extremely passionate about the space they’re in and it’s that knowledge and dedication that’s allowed them to build an entirely authentic video game community — We believe ScrewAttack’s unique voice and approach to game news, reviews and pop culture will be a great way to establish a consumer-facing brand for game-centric content.”

Hopefully this will be a lucrative deal for these two, I personally look forward to the competition, cheers!


(Content source from press release made available by Fortyseven Communications  and GamesPress.com )