GameCube Prototype “Dolphin” For Sale On eBay


The original devkit/prototype console for the GameCube known as the “Dolphin” is up for sale on eBay. Going for $276 at the time of this writing, the console is said to run smoothly and only have a few cosmetic blemishes from use. A rare grab for the gaming community who aren’t game developers, this might be a great opportunity for collectors.


They supply the console’s model name and number (Nintendo Dolphin Prototype Console NPDP-GDEV) along with the description that it “was used to make GameCube games.” The front of the console also has a sticker stating “Confidential propert of Nintendo. Resale prohibited” as well as a number to call for assistance. Chances are that number is no longer in service or, if it is, it probably has no ties with Nintendo or the Dolphin.

The console will only ship to Canada, USA, and Mexico and there are no takebacks; all sales are final and no returns or refunds will be given. I guess that means if the console is dead on arrival, you’re stuck with your purchase for good.

(Source: Nintendo Life, eBay)