Gameloft Integrates Twitch Live Streaming Into Asphalt 8: Airborne


Twitch TV, the video platform responsible for live streaming your matches in games online and bringing you live footage of the annually-held E3, has finally made a big investment in the rapidly growing market of mobile gaming. No sooner was the announcement made, and already Gameloft has staked its claim as the first company to add Twitch’s live streaming capabilities to one of their existing games, Asphalt 8: Airborne. That’ll be sure to take off at extreme speed.

The Vice President of publishing for the Americas at Gameloft, Baudouin Corman, said in a statement that “This first-ever mobile game integration with Twitch opens the door for gamers to broadcast and share gameplay experiences like never before.” Asphalt 8, an arcade racing game with AI and human opponents and with over 48 million people playing it, makes a perfect first candidate for the new update, according to Gameloft. Another few additions of the new update includes new cars, new events, and last but not least, a whole new user interface.