GameStop Seems to be Trying Extra Hard to Sell the Xbox One


NeoGAF user jaaz has taken a picture of the GameStop display in his area. Let’s just say they are definitely trying their hardest to educate people about what the Xbox One does.

“I’ve seen the same or similar set-up at least two other GameStops. They had a few empty PS4 boxes stacked but nothing near as prominent. Inquiries on whether the PS4 was in stock were met with a negative. In the last GameStop, the employee actually said he had a PS4 but was using it as a Kinect stand for his Xbone because the PS4 has no games, especially sports games. I didn’t even bother with him.

Take it for what’s it worth, but there seems to be a clear push at GameStop to move Xbones. It also appears from the homemade signs that GameStop is still trying to clear the air from the Xbone reveal fiasco earlier this year.” – jaaz



(Source: NeoGAF)