Gearbox Teases New DLC for Aliens and Borderlands 2


Randy Pitchford, CEO and President of Gearbox software, hints that new DLC is on the way for Borderlands. Not just that but it seems that there may be more DLC on the way for their other title, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Pitchford was recently on the Nerdist Podcast, and spoke about a love for the ability to modify and create content for titles after launch date.

 “Back in the day we’d finish and just were sick of it and don’t ever want to see it again, but when we finished Borderlands 1 we thought we were just getting started and none of us wanted to let it go and we shipped the game and we were like let’s just keep working and we didn’t even have a DLC plan we just were making more shit cause it’s so fun and there’s some value here so let’s start figuring out how to put this together and maybe offer it to people”

Pitchford didn’t confirm what the content would be or when we would see the release date, but commented that just because the season pass offered 4 storyline DLCs, that didn’t mean more wasn’t on the way.

“We have some things that we are supporting for current gen, like there will be DLC for both of our most recent games for the current gen that are still to come.”

He also teased a new IP for the next generation consoles. He didn’t say much about the title or when it would be released but I trust Gearbox to bring its trademark humor and genre-bending gameplay elements to what will more than likely be a great title.