Gears of War for Xbox One in Development With The “Right Team”


Phil Spencer stated on Twitter that the next installment for the Gears of War franchise, which will be appearing on the Xbox One, is being created by the “right team” and he wants to “give them time” to make it as great as it should be.


He also states that the next entry in the series has to be huge to bring it back to its glory days. A lot of people highly disliked Gears of War Judgement and are itching for the series to return back to the entertainment it once supplied. When compared to previous Gears of War games, a lot of people thought Judgement lacked the punch the other games brought to the table. Chances are we’ll hear something about the next installment by E3 the latest – however, we may see a few teasers between then and now. As far when it will be released? Phil says that it will take some time for the new iteration to flourish in development:


(Source: Twitter)