How To Get PS4 Gameplay On Your PC Without A Capture Device


AustralianGamingMate, a user on YT Talk (a community for YouTubers), found a way to get PS4 gameplay on the PC without the use of a capture device. All it requires is your PS4, the share button, and a PC. When you double tap the share button, the console starts recording. When you press it again, the recording stops.

Setting the upload setting to public will allow you to access your gameplay via a link, and then you can download the gameplay video on a website called KeepVid. From here, you can edit your video how you see fit and upload it to YouTube or just keep it for yourself. Considering the PS4 still has an HDCP block limiting the use of external capture devices, this is the most viable option to getting your gameplay on your PC. Head to the link above for a slightly more in depth tutorial.