Get Some PlayStation 4 Games — Even if You Don’t Own a PlayStation 4


Everyone has obviously had the ability to buy video games regardless of whether or not they own a console since…well, the beginning of consoles. However, in this day and age, gamers have the awesome privilege of being able to buy digital copies of games and download them later.

Well, eventual PlayStation 4 owners who have a PlayStation Plus membership have an opportunity to take advantage of that awesome privilege once again. Resogun, Contrast and a few other titles and their licenses are now available on the PlayStation Store. Both Resogun and Contrast are free for PlayStation Plus members, who just have to sign in, add the games to their cart and check out. The games will be theirs regardless of whether they own a PlayStation 4 or not.

This deal probably won’t last forever, so if you’re not sure if you’ll be getting a PlayStation 4 or not, but you are a PlayStation Plus member, go ahead and get the games anyhow. Like, duh.

(Source: Game Informer)