Get-Well Gamers Foundation – Your Donation Can Help A Child


The Get-Well Gamers Foundation is a non-profit charity for sick children in hospitals to give them an escape from reality. The founder of the charity, Ryan Sharpe, grew up in and out of hospitals (to the point he had a “usual room”) and knew the joy of being able to play video games to pass the time as opposed to laying in a bed watching daytime television.

The charity started in 2001 when he was talking with friends of his at school regarding his experiences and felt that every hospital, not solely those in well-to-do neighborhoods, should have video games for the children to play to help them escape their reality and be thrust into a world of imagination.

The charity started off with a few donations from forum members on several different forums. They accept donations of any type – no matter how old – to help these sick children. They also sell things on eBay that the hospitals cannot take because they’re either too old or they don’t want them. All proceeds go towards the charity, and the store might be a great resource for collector’s out there.

You can also request new hospitals to help. You can contact them on Facebook (UK Facebook here), Twitter (UK Twitter here), and their official site is above for North America. Their UK site can be accessed here. If you have any old consoles or games, and you don’t know what to do with them, you can consider giving them to help a sick child in a hospital.

(Source: Reddit)