GioTeck Announces New PS4 Accessories


GioTeck’s new third-party PS4 accessories includes cables, battery packs and charge/plug and play kits. Available in UK markets first, they will eventually spread to worldwide markets in due time.

The PS4 Charging station has the current specs for the following gear:



  • Powered by USB
  • Charges 2 controllers
  • Simple, elegant design


  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 3 Meter charging cable included
  • Play AND charge
  • 15 hour game time
  • LED charge indicator


Their new cable lines include these features for the specific Cables:


  •        3 Meters long
  •        Flat Cable
  •        3DTV compatible
  •        4K compatible
  •        24K connectors
  •        Copper Conductors


  •        1.8 Meters long
  •        24 K gold connectors
  •        Fast Data Transfer
  •        Flexible and Durable Cable wire in a Black PVC Jacket


  •        USB 2.0
  •        3 Meters long
  •        Flat Cable
  •        Aluminium braiding
  •        24K Gold connectors

With this new gear you could definitely be considered a flashy, if not formidably well energized contestant in your performances. Plus, who doesn’t like Audio/Video cables that will take what you dish out?