Goat Simulator Simulates What It Means to be a Goat


If you’ve ever felt like crashing a party you weren’t invited to and destroying pretty much everything, then Goat Simulator is for you. It’s a simple game that puts you in control of a goat who wants nothing more than to crash into the tables and chairs of a simple garden party, destroying everything in its wake. It’s a physics based ode to destruction, and what’s more, it’s absolutely rad.

There’s really not too much information on the game apart from two alpha trailers that show developments within the game, however, if you give me a chance to be a goat – and as we know all goats are dicks – I’ll totally get on that.

GOAT 2014 …wait that’s not right… GOTY 2014

(Editor’s Note: Jokes courtesy of James and do not reflect SpawnFirst as a whole. They do not. At all. Not even a little bit.)