GOG.com Launches Fall Insomnia Promo


Those crazy guys’n’gals at Good Old Games (GOG.com) are at it again. They’ve planned an amazing sale that should perk up everyone’s ears. They’re offering 100 blockbuster games for some shocking prices in the Fall Insomnia Promo.

What does this mean for you? Deals, my good man! They’re flowing like wine over at GOG.com. Among the titles that are going for on sale for up to 80% off are titles like System Shock 2, Hotline Miami, Fez, Rayman Origins, Balder’s Gate Saga, Alpha Centauri, and many others. Each game will be up for sale individually with an inventory counter next to it. When the counter runs out, BAM, another game pops up for sale.

Along with these assorted game sales will also be offers for some free games as well, so keep your eyes open. The sale starts right now, so stop reading about the Fall Insomnia Promo, and go be a part of it.