Grand Theft Auto 5 Pre-Load Released Early



According to some information found on the forum at, a pre-order downloadable copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 can be found through an exploit in the PlayStation Store.

Initially verified on GTAForums by forum frequenters, this downloadable pre-load is around 18 gigabytes in size, and already has been downloaded by various people (along with pictures proving that they were able to).

And before you would-be piraters start frenzying, you still won’t be able to play the copy since the pre-order lock is still active on the downloaded file.

Sony or Rockstar have yet to comment on the pre-load leak, but be sure that this exploit will be locked down and fixed before the sun comes up.

Though this pre-load leak definitely doesn’t fix the issue of a full PS3 version of the game now floating out in the wild, awaiting possible hundreds of thousands of downloads/torrents if a hack is found to bypass the pre-order lock on the files.

At this point, anyone wary of GTA 5 spoilers would best be served by keeping their eyes and ears far away from gaming forums and other places where spoilers might be discussed openly. Just a word of warning.