Grand Theft Auto Online Reveal


So the big reveal was today: Grand Theft Auto Online. This astonishing trailer showcases just exactly what you can do in GTA 5’s multiplayer: EVERYTHING. Yup. Fly a plane, race a boat, drive around the city and surrounding areas, take part in elaborate heists, base jump, scuba dive, play tennis, golf, go off-roading, hunting, bicycling, 4-wheeling, and even arm-wrestling. You can even create your own multiplayer map areas with weapon, vehicle, and structure placements, as well as creating point-to-point races.

Reddit user Apist summed it up best with his graphic:



Almost every open world activity that you can do in the singleplayer game, you can do in GTA 5 Online. It sounds absolutely crazy, and brings up a mouthful of questions: How do you coordinate parties? How does the lobby work? Do you have any limits as to how far out you can leave the play area? How many players can be present in a “match”? How did you solve the problem of a huge world and only a set number of players? All these questions weren’t exactly answered outright in the preview video, but knowing Rockstar, they’ll elaborate on these important unknowns and get back to us in due time.

In the meantime, keep watching the ridiculously ambitious video.