Ground Zeroes Map Is A Small Portion Of The Phantom Pain


A user on NeoGAF (Raven777) has touched base on an interview with Hideo Kojima out of Tokyo Game Show. The user goes on to say that Kojima is being vague as to whether Ground Zeroes is a stand alone game or if it is part of The Phantom Pain. They also state that the map of Ground Zeroes isn’t that big, and there won’t be a 24 hour cycle for Ground Zeroes; the mission takes place at night and there is no daytime option. Raven also pointed out that Kojima stated that the map for Ground Zeroes is just “1/300th” of the entire map of The Phantom Pain.

Another user (Vyse The Legend) pointed out that Ground Zeroes is simply the virtuous mission of The Phantom Pain. This theory makes the most sense because the gameplay of the day and night time missions shows “Ground Zeroes” at the top of the mission list, and then the rest of the missions following Ground Zeroes goes on to continue the story of The Phantom Pain. However, this has yet to be confirmed. We can only wait and see if Kojima unveils more to clear up this confusion.