Guacamelee Gets “Super Turbo Championship Edition”


Guacamelee!, the Luchador-heavy indie platformer that came out for PS3 and Vita last April, is officially heading to PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U on July 1 in the form of a “Super Turbo Championship Edition” with loads of new features, levels, and boss battles thrown into the mix.

Matthew Johns, Production Assistant from developer Drink Box Studios on Sony’s official PlayStation Blog, had this to say about the updated release:


Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition has all the great action from the original game, including both the costume and the Infierno DLC and we’ve added a bunch of new content to enhance your Guac experience.

Some things We’ve added: More words to the title, an extra save slot, new costumes, creepy hanging dolls, two extra levels, new and improved enemies, another save slot, a new dimension-switching ability called “Shadow swap”, chicken egg bombs, an NPC with an impossibly large head, and a power called INTENSO.

We’ve also added a new boss, El Trio, A.K.A “Terrible Trio.” They are a three-headed skeleton in charge of assembling Carlos Calaca’s army of skeletons from a skeleton factory inside a volcano. El Trio Appears in a few areas in the game to throw new enemy prototypes in your path and a few new puns as well.

When it hits July 1, Super Turbo Championship Edition will be $14.99.