Guarantee a PS4 for $10,000


Snake Oil’s For Chumps

Talk about being optimistic, but Ebay seller canni002 might be onto something, considering the PS4 pre-order delays that we’ve been hearing about recently here and here. But wait, before you start complaining about the $10K price tag, canni002 is also including an extra Dualshock 4 (2 in total), a PlayStation Eye, a full copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts, and even a 3-year warranty. See! Now that $10,000 seems justified!

UPDATE: It seems as if Ebay wised up and removed the insane offer, but don’t be surprised to see many more similarly outrageous, if not as pricy, listings as we near the home stretch of the PlayStation 4’s and Xbox One’s launch dates.


And considering the PlayStation 4’s crazy amount of pre-orders already placed worldwide, you can bet that there will definitely be some third parties looking to benefit from the scarcity in supply with substantial prices. But this offer teeters right in the realm of “it’s so crazy it might just work”. Regardless, there will probably be someone out there who’ll go for this “deal”, and canni002 just might end up having the last laugh. Nevertheless, good luck to all parties involved!