Hero Generations, ‘The Five-Minute Civilization’ hits Kickstarter


Hero Generations, a new strategy game inspired by 4X strategy titles such as the civilization series and roguelikes hit Kickstarter last week.

It was an IndieCade 2011 finalist, and has received praise from numerous designers from AAA titles.

It certainly looks like independent designer Scott Brodie has a hit on his hands, being already over 55% funded with 22 days to go.


The version on Kickstarter is a heavily updated one from its IndieCade counterpart three years ago.

Included now is a city crafting feature, new generational traits for your heroes, an overworld map, and best of all, a new art style.

When Hero Generations releases, it will come out on PC, Mac, and Linux with Ouya as a stretch goal.

You can go see what all the hype is about on the game’s Kickstarter page.