How Gold Works on Xbox One and other News


Microsoft has finally told us how Xbox Live Gold will work on their new console, the Xbox One. They also shed some light onto the digital game sharing features which will be available with the Xbox One. 

Anyone will be able to access your digital library on your Xbox One and use their own Gamertag to play it. You’ll also be able to play and share games on other Xbox One consoles, not just your own. Purchases made by your friends will also be available for your primary Xbox One. However, to access digital sharing you must have Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox Live Gold will no longer be tied to a single Gamertag. Instead, it will be tied to the console, meaning that if a single Gamertag has Xbox Live Gold on an Xbox One, then all Gamertags will have Xbox Live Gold. This means that friends and family will be able to log into their own accounts on your Xbox One (or vice versa), and user Gold features.

Additionally, no more painful log-outs on your Xbox when someone logs into your Games for Windows Live account on the PC. Now, your profile can be logged in simultaneously on your Xbox One and on a PC running under your Games for Windows Live account. Huzzah!

And in small news (NOT!), MS is finally  ditching the MS Points system by the next update, and all transactions will be in your local currency! MS Point cards and existing points on your account will be converted at equal to or more than the value once the update applies. You can still use MS point cards, and once redeemed, the conversion to real money will take place seamlessly. Thank goodness. It’s about time MS got rid of their medieval point system.