Inside a Broken Xbox One Headset


A The Adult Gamer forum poster by the name of MrZwij posted a series of pictures form the inside of his broken Xbox One headset. The user claims that the headset arrived broken, allowing him only to listen but not respond to the people in his party (yes he had enable the party chat function). Upon its dis-assembly, MrZwij found no frayed wires or cracked chips, implying that the unit was defective on shipment.

(Check out more pictures and explanations at the forum.)

I did a little Googling and found that MrZwij isn’t the only one experiencing this issue. Several other users on other forums have had similar problems with their head set, ranging from not being able to hear people in their party, to the mute light not going off. These do, however, seem like isolated incidents, and as a Xbox One owner, I can say my headset works fine.

(Source: TheAdultGamer )