International Xbox One Repairs Require Paying for Shipping?


Considering the amount of issues consumers are having with their new Xbox Ones in the US and abroad, Microsoft paying for return postage for the sending in the defective units sounds logical. MS is doing US consumers a solid, but what about people abroad? It seems that at least in the UK, Microsoft is requiring owners of defective consoles to pay to ship it to MS’s service centers.

From user abes2000 in the Xbox Forums:

“So we have to cover postage costs ourselves! Disgusting service for being a loyal fan. This service should be free returns. I’d hate to think how much postage costs are to send a console back to the Czech Republic. Not even a service centre in the UK! I understand that things go wrong, but for us gamers to spend this much money on a broken product and then having to pay postage for repairs in another country is just wrong!”