Introducing ‘Flappy 2048’: The Newest Craze


Just when you thought Flappy Bird was going to die, BAM! It hits you right on the back of the head with an all new twist.

Some diabolical genius thought it a good idea to combine the infamous Flappy Bird with the new gaming trend 2048. The idea is simple, get your tile through all the other tiles until you reach the 2048th tile, simple right? For this writer, Flappy Bird was the bane of existence when it was still available on smart phones, never getting past maybe the 5th column. 2048, on the other hand, is a less stressful game.

Github user hcz has taken both codes of the games and created this Frankenstein-like monster. For someone who despised Flappy Bird, Flappy 2048 is actually pretty addicting. There’s of course the browser version and multiple other versions on the Google play store. Try and beat my best score of 7 (not like that would be hard)!